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“HATERS” is a murder mystery about Semore Valentine, a beautiful woman who had it all

but lost her life to a stone cold hater! Was it her insecure co-worker, her cheating husband,

her jealous neighbor, her envious gym member or her best friend? WHO KILLED SEMORE

VALENTINE and WHY?  Run Time: 1 hour 20 minutes.

Run Time 1hr 20 min.

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“Detroit Bad Boyz” is based on a true story about CJ. As a young man growing up in the mean streets

of Detroit,  CJ learned a trade that would cost him 10 years of his life in prison because he wouldn’t cooperate

with FBI. The street life served as his mentor, inspiration, and protection. As he traveled the road of uncertainties,

CJ found betrayal, greed, and death all around him! Known for his humble spirit and street smart business decisions,

many have tried to unsettle him with violence, yet the tables always turned on his enemies as he lived and survived

the gangsta’s paradise.  


This Film was completed 2011 Run Time 1hr 49 min.

This direct-to-video urban drama follows the plight of Jasmine, a beleaguered Detroit mom and housewife left single when her ne'er-do-well husband gets slain in a tragic drug deal. With no better options in sight, mother and son pack up and move to Tampa to eke out a superior life for themselves, but the best that Jasmine can do is a seedy after-hours turn as a stripper. Her deep-seated religious convictions prevent her from continuing Down this road, so she turns to the church in desperation. A new man subsequently enters her life, seemingly perfect but harboring a mysterious background - and the ambiguities surrounding him prompt Jasmine to hesitate before confessing her past to him.

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           COMING SOON


Carlos is known as a GHOST in the under

world of Detroit and is well respected by politicians. As a child Carlos was brought into the life ofcrime, by a dirty cop, who killed his father, because Santana (The Crime Boss Of East Detroit) wanted Carlos Father  rubbed out, so he could gain control of Carlos father's political connection! Instead of the dirty cop killing Carlos as well, when he made the hit on Carlos father, he decided to take Carlos  and raise him to become a clone of his father for interest of benefiting him in the long run! Now Carlos is faced with the same situation, that caused his father to lose his life! Will Carlos survive the hit? Who will help him survive, if he survive at all? 






I am so proud of all the hard work that's

been put into this film company with little resources! Black Hollywood FIlms has been a pillar in the African American community since 2008! So far to date we have filmed 3 full features and has helped many actors and crew workers experience bigger studios like Sony, Columbia Pictures, OWN Network, Tyler Perry Studio, also projects like "The Have and The Have Not's", TLC Movie and working with icons such as Denzel Washington in "FLIGHT"! There are many successful stories about the talent we have produced and our staff look forward to seeing more great success stories to come from Black Hollywood Films as a whole! 


Carl Stallworth CEO/Founder

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